Quilt Pattern Design Skinnies: What a Hoot!

Skinnies:  What a Hoot!
Pattern for a quick and easy autumn wallhanging. 9 X 24 inches. Fusible applique.
Owls by guest designer Lisa Buccella.

This product is a PDF Download of the pattern.

Another Quilt Pattern Design from “babs ‘n’ jas designs”. This beautiful quilt pattern design is sure to please your family and friends. This Quilt Pattern Design makes for a quick and easy autumn wallhanging. This quilt pattern design is 9 X 24 inches when completed. Fusible applique makes for easy stitching. Part of the quilt pattern design contains owls which were designed by guest quilt pattern designer Lisa Buccella.

Fusible Applique Instructions. These instructions are included in your owl quilt pattern design, but repeated here for your use.

Fusible Applique is simple, fast and an easy way to add shapes to your quilts. Use a fusible web such as Pellon Wonder-Under or HeatnBond Lite. These paper-backed, iron-on adhesives are available at fabric stores and can be used in any quilt pattern design, not just our Owl Quilt pattern.  Read the manufacturer’s instructions provided in case they are different from our instructions below.

1. Use a pencil to draw a shape directly onto the paper back (the smooth side) of the fusible web. Or, trace the owl quilt applique patterns provided directly onto the back of the fusible web.

2. Cut out your owl shapes a little outside of your pencil lines.

3. Place the shape, paper side up, onto the wrong side of a piece of fabric. With no steam and a medium-high setting, iron the shape for about two seconds.

4. When the fabric is cool, cut out the various owl shapes along the pencil lines.

5. Remove the paper backing. Position the cut applique owl shapes fabric side up (adhesive side down,) onto the background for your owl quilt top. Iron it on the place you want it for three to five seconds.

6. Blanket-stitch the applique in place by machine. Make sure that as you slowly stitch around the edges of your owl shape cut-outs, the needles goes on the applique shape with one stitch and just over the edge of the shape on the next stitch. When you pivot, make sure the needle is in the fabric.

7. Below is an example from our owl quilt pattern of fusible applique. If you prefer, you can blanket-stitch the applique in place by hand rather than machine.

quilt pattern design What a Hoot, owl quilt pattern by babs 'n' jas designs.

Owl Quilt Pattern showing fusible applique.


Quilt Pattern Design For Owl Quilt Lovers

Skinnies were born when Barb (babs) was looking at a narrow wall by a window in her house and wondering what to put up on it. She came up with the quilt pattern design idea of “Skinnies,” 9 X 24 inch wallhangings. We have quilt pattern “Skinnies” for all seasons. Below is our popular quilt pattern design “O’ Christmas Tree.”


Quilt pattern design of our popular "O'Christmas Tree."

Quilt pattern design of our popular “O’Christmas Tree.”

Owl Quilt Pattern Design For Your Wall

We hope you enjoy “What a Hoot” on your  “skinny” wall.




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