HarperCollins Contest – Win 50 books!!!

I noticed that HarperCollins has a contest where you can win fifty books and all you have to do is share what reading means to you. (or something like that.)
I’m not entering because I can’t figure out the hashtag thingy (don’t get them at all – okay, I’ll Google it.) but here is why I think reading in important.
First of all, I’ve never seen anyone reading a book suddenly get up and deck somebody, then settle back down to their book. Reading lets you recognize yourself in a book and not feel so lonely in your own life experience. Reading stretches the mind, makes a person more tolerant of others. Reading makes you kinder. Reading takes you to other places, other people and other experiences, thus broadening a person’s outlook. Reading makes you thoughtful and (hopefully) less prone to quick judgement. There is much more reading does, but I’ll end by saying, a book is a great friend.

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