Quilt Guilds

It’s quilt guild tonight! I have belonged to the London Friendship Quilters Guild since 1988. My BFF and I joined, looking for a way to increase our skills in quilting, and enjoy the cmopany of like-minded people. It was probably one of the best decisions I’ve ever made to join the guild. I was on the executive for seven years, president for three of those and am co-presidenting (my own word) with two other past president this year while the guild goes through a transitional time. When I joined there were approximately 25 members and now we number 100 +.  All guilds go through times of changes and I have found that we are stronger for those occasional transitions.  My guild has been with me on life’s journey, be it raising children, losing parents, empty nesting, and mostly making me laugh. I value each and every member of my guild. (Right about here I feel like I should do a Marine Hoo – rah. Weird)

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